The Society of Gluttony is an elite squad of eaters who gather roughly every 45 days to recklessly devour food that the members’ wives/girlfriends would find fairly disgusting. Also, we like to get drunk.

SoG newlogo

Logo created by Mikey Burton.


One response to “About

  1. Drew Pellegrini

    Hi Society of Gluttony,
    I have quite enjoyed reading your articles of such exciting and unique meals. I look forward to your future posts and I will be sure to check back frequently to read them. I enjoy eating different foods, meats especially, as well as getting a good alcohol buzz during my meal. I’m headed back to China to visit my brother, whose getting married in July. On my last visit to China I ate more adventurous foods than I can remember (partly not remembered do to the heavy consumtion of alcohol.) I’m going to look into trying the Uzbekistan restaurant and I doubt I will be successful but the Ansill restaurant as well. Keep up the great posts! And GO PHILS!…and Sixers!
    Drew Pellegrini

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